Jan 2019

The topic for Crystal and Sapphire this term is ‘Superheroes’. We are learning that superheroes are not only those characters we read about in comics and see in films but can also be people who help us in our daily lives, like doctors, firemen and policemen. We will be exploring their roles through a series of activities carried out within our classes, as well as in our role play and outdoor areas. These activities include descriptive writing, positional vocabulary and art and craft.

We will be going on a trip later this term to visit the Essex Police Museum where we will compare the different roles that are carried out by each of the emergency services. While we are there we will have the opportunity to explore the different activities in the museum which include dressing up in police uniforms, looking for clues with magnifying glasses, and using a variety of equipment that the police use.

This term we will be learning about different ways of travelling, including those used by superheroes, during our gymnastics and dance lessons. Our PE days are Monday for Leopards and Lions and Tuesday for Panthers and Tigers. It is important that we remember to take out our earrings, tie our hair back and take off our watches on these days.

Crystal and Sapphire Classes really enjoy participating in new experiences and we are always very proud of what we achieve. Look at some of the lovely things we have done or learned so far this year.

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Sept 2018

Welcome to EYFS

Hi, we are Crystal and Sapphire classes and we are the youngest children in school this year. We have just started our learning journey and we are really enjoying exploring all the learning opportunities that we have in our classrooms and outdoor areas.

This term we are learning about ‘Colours linked to Stories, Celebrations and Festivals’. During this half term we will be focussing on the ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’ stories, learning about the similarities between ourselves and others, and also about the ways we need to interact with others. We will learn these skills through a series of activities carried out in our classes, our roleplay and outdoor areas. We will be developing our motor skills, through letter formation, cutting activities, threading, drawing and painting.

In phonics we will be learning to recognise the phonemes and digraphs linked to the letters we will see in our reading books. We will also learn how to blend these sounds together to help us read words, and segment them to spell words when we are writing.

We will be learning to count, recognise and order the numbers to 10 as well as learning to recognise the basic 2D shapes.

In PE this term we are carrying out a range of space awareness and ball skill activities.

Our PE days are Monday (Sapphire), Tuesday (Crystal) and Thursday (both classes) and it is important that we remember to take out our earrings, tie our hair back and take off our watches for our PE sessions.

We really looking forward to our learning this term as well as developing new friendships and relationships with everyone in our classes.



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