Curriculum Intent

To develop the concepts of Respect, Achieve, Belong through:

Learning how to respect ourselves, each other and the world in which we live

Learning about the achievements of others through time, as well as celebrating our own successes and striving for more

Understanding how we belong in our world, the responsibilities that brings and ways in which we can support everyone to be a part of the wider world community

Teaching will develop our core values of:


R esilient and determined

E mpowered to aspire and achieve fullest potential

S triving for success for all

P ositive and Proud

E mpathetic and self-aware

C hallengers of ourselves and others

T hinkers: independent and creative

Whilst fulfilling the requirements of the national curriculum, we feel it is important to give our children time to explore subjects in depth. We are committing more time to supporting children’s understanding of the wider world, as well as giving them time and space to deal with, and understand, their emotions.


Maths and English

Maths and English are taught each day. Maths follows the White Rose Scheme of learning, with a whole school focus of developing the use of pictorials to explain and justify mathematical thinking. Times tables are taught as part of maths lessons and children have the opportunity to practice using Times tables Rockstar.

English units of learning are planned around a high quality text, which relates to the termly topic. The text is chosen by teachers from a selection that have been deemed appropriate by the subject leader. This ensures there is a clear overview of how texts progress throughout the school. Handwriting and spelling are taught as discrete sessions during the week.

Phonics is taught following letters and sounds and is supplemented in reception and early year one with Jolly Phonics resources.

Wider Curriculum- Science, History, Geography, Art and DT

The content of our curriculum is organised into topics which cover one half term or a whole term. Each topic has an overarching heading for the whole school with a more specific heading for each year group. The content focuses on up to four foundation subjects. This ensures that time is committed to these subjects and children can achieve depth in their subject specific knowledge and skills.

Lessons each week are based on a question that the children will be able to discuss and try to answer by the end of the week.

A topic quiz is held at the end of a topic in order to see how much knowledge has been retained by the children. This is done in teams and relates to subjects, which gives subject leaders information about how well their subject has been taught throughout the topic.

Wider Curriculum- Music, MFL, PE, RE

Music in KS1 is taught in short discrete sessions and is based on the six elements of Music.

Music in KS2 is taught by a specialist teacher and builds upon these elements, with a focus on performance, composition and listening.

MFL is taught across Key Stage 2 as a discrete lesson, planned by the subject leader.

PE is taught twice each week, with most class teachers supported by our school sports coach.

RE is taught during RE days which allow the children to really immerse themselves in the themes being taught.


Mindfulness sessions take place in every classroom straight after lunch. This time is a calm and reflective time, committed to giving the children space in order to prepare them for afternoon learning.


PSHE is taught each day, with an extended lesson once each week. As a school, we consider a question that relates to events in the wider world and use this time to discuss how different people react to the same question, respecting the opinion of others. The extended lesson each week is based on our own PSHE curriculum which has been designed in response to the needs of our pupils, considering local factors.


Whole School Curriculum Coverage




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