Autumn 2019

Hello form the School Governing Body

In September we began the school year by holding our Business Meeting. This meeting involves much of the organisational processes for the school academic year.

We elected the following:

Chair -Christine Smith

Vice Chair = Kate Buttimer

We have all signed the Declaration of Pecuniary Interest forms, Code of Conduct and Data Protection Forms. We have reviewed and accepted the Standing orders and the Termly Planner which ensures we cover everything at meetings. We have also reviewed the first draft of the School Development Plan. Governor training will be held on 7th November and will address Ofsted Inspections.

Governors agreed to be assigned to monitoring phases for the academic year. Early Years Clare R/James H, Yr 1 and 2 Lisa H/Nicola P, Yr 3 and 4 Kate B/ Keith R, Yr 5 and 6 Mark A/Claire S.

We also ask Governors to take responsibility for certain areas in school. These were allocated as follows:

Safeguarding – Lisa Hibbert

Health & Safety- Christine Smith

Sports Premium – James Hooper

Training Link – Claire Styles

Pupil Premium – Christine Smith

SEND – Kate Buttimer

Attendance, Well-being – Nicola Park

Pay Committee – Keith Roddy, James Hooper, Christine Smith

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new governor, Mrs Clare Reynolds, as a Parent Governor. I hope she will enjoy her time on the Governing Body. A little about Clare:

‘I have a daughter in Yr 2. As a Parent Governor I will be committed, passionate and motivated to challenge the school to continuously improve so our children have the best possible education and opportunities to succeed in life.’



Spring Term 2018

Governing Body Annual Review

School Year September 2016 - July 2017

Below is our review of governor activity over the previous academic year at Trinity Road. Please contact our Chair of Governors, Christine Smith, if you have any questions.

Governing Body Annual Report 2016-2017


Spring Term 2017

School Governors and the School Development Plan (SDP)

Along with the day to day running of the school, the Head Teacher and her Senior Leadership team are constantly working on ways to develop and improve Trinity Road for now and the future, and to ensure that children achieve well and are happy and motivated.

One of the most important methods for planning and measuring success is the School Development Plan (SDP) which the school updates on an annual basis.

What is a School Development Plan?

According to the Department for Education:

‘The School Development Plan (SDP) is a strategic plan for improvement.  It should bring together, in a clear and simple way, the school’s priorities, the main measures it will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the key outcomes and targets it intends to achieve.’

Put simply, the SDP outlines Trinity Road’s strategic priorities for the year and is regularly measured-against to ensure that the school is developing and improving in certain key areas. The plan contains high level priorities and detailed information on actions needed, who will do them, and when they will be done by.

This year’s SDP for Trinity Road

This year’s SDP has been carefully devised to focus on four key areas:


The objective is to develop all pupils’ ability to articulate their knowledge and understanding clearly in an age-appropriate way, enabling them to hold thoughtful conversations with other pupils and adults.


The school will develop children’s deep understanding of concepts in maths through excellent teaching, highly effective questioning and response to children’s misconceptions, resulting in good progress for all learners.

Mental Health

We want to develop children’s understanding of mental health, building resilience and self-esteem, in order for them to thrive as learners.

Reading and Spelling

The intention is to ensure that pupils make substantial and sustained progress in all year groups in reading, spelling and phonics.

School Governors and the SDP

As school governors we have three main areas of focus – overseeing the financial performance of the school, holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of pupils, and ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. The SDP has relevance in all of these areas but mainly with the third focus, because it relates to the strategic development and direction of the School and its quest for ongoing improvement.

Detailed updates on the SDP are provided at our governor meetings so we can understand the progress that is being made and also ask questions about what is happening and why. If progress in any area is not being made in the way that had been planned then we will discuss this and understand how this is being addressed.

The SDP also provides focus for our termly monitoring visits where we come into school and look for evidence that its intentions are working in practice in the classroom and around the school. This provides Mrs Morgan-Soane and her team with useful feedback which forms part of the ongoing evaluation of the plan, and also helps to identify priorities for next year.

We are always eager to hear the views of parents on any subject, so please get in touch with your thoughts and feedback. You can leave a comment for us in our comments box in the foyer or email our chair of governors, Christine at



Autumn Term 2016

Welcome back

Welcome back to the new academic year at Trinity Road.

Everyone on the governing body is looking forward to another busy and successful year ahead. We will continue to do the very best for our children by supporting the school to ensure that they enjoy learning, thrive at school and achieve the very best that they can.

We are always eager to hear the views of parents so please get in touch with your thoughts and feedback. You can leave a comment for us in our comments box in the foyer or email our chair of governors, Christine at

Summer term 2016

An update from governors on achievement at Trinity Road

If you remember, we wrote last year in our Governor news about the new progress measurements that the government has recently introduced for children at primary school.

Our year 6 children have just completed the first of the new assessments and we are pleased to report that they have done very well.

Over all, the school was above average for children reaching the required level of attainment in all subjects combined (school result: 58% of our pupils met the required level – national average – 53%).

Looking at the individual subjects, the percentage of children at Trinity Road reaching the required level in each subject was as follows:

Reading – school achievement: 70% (national average: 66%)

Writing – school achievement: 73% (national average: 74%)

Grammar, punctuation & spelling – school achievement: 80% (national average: 72%)

Maths- school achievement: 78% (national average: 70%)

The government will also be looking at children’s progress throughout school as another key measure of attainment, and we will share more information about this in the Autumn.

The national picture

As you are probably aware from reports in the media, there has been a lot of concern over the new tests and the fact that the national attainment figure is so low.

Although our children have done better than the national average, we also have some concerns about the new system as lots of schools have reported that some of the tests were very tough for children. So it is important to note that in this context, our school and our children have done exceptionally well.

As governors we are responsible for holding the Headteacher and staff to account for ensuring that our children achieve well, and clearly the school is very much heading in the right direction.

As was noted in our recent Ofsted report our Headteacher and her leadership team have worked hard to make sure teaching is of a high standard and to set high expectations, along with communicating a clear vision of Trinity Road as a school where children can and will, achieve well.

However, none of us are complacent and the governing body continues to work hard with Mrs Morgan Soane to support her in her strenuous efforts to ensure that our children all do the very best that they can.


Spring Term 2016

You will be aware of our recent Ofsted Inspection. The result of this is reported as Good. This is a tremendous effort from all the staff at the school as you probably are aware and deserve our thanks. However the children must accept our congratulations too. They have worked extremely hard and their exceptional behaviour has helped to work towards the decision. This is a terrific decision for our school and it will help us to strive towards great things into the future. Let us not forget the parents in this. A big thank you to everyone who has supported the school especially those parents who participated in giving their feedback in Parent View.
You can be assured that the Governors will continue to work with the Headteacher to further provide a challenging, enjoyable and stimulating environment for the children.
Well Done to all!!


Half Term 2 2015

Hello fellow parents. We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and we are all looking forward to a happy and positive 2016.

My name is Kate and I am a parent governor at Trinity Road. I have three children – the oldest is at secondary school, and Beatrice is in year 5 (Emerald class) and James in year 1 (Diamond Class). I live close to school and work for a local charity. I am vice chair of the governing body and also SEND governor.

This school year has seen a major change for all schools as we get to grips with the new system of measuring academic progress which has been introduced by the government. This has been a major focus for governors this past half term.
As you will have seen in your children’s reports, the old Key Stage1 and Key Stage 2 levels (2,3,4,5,6 ABC etc.) have been phased-out and schools are responsible for introducing their own systems of measuring progress, geared towards ensuring that children are working and achieving at the right level for their age group.
We have discussed the new system at Trinity Road in-depth at our recent Governor meetings and are confident that the school is establishing a robust system to promote and measure our children’s progress and achievement.

If you would like to learn more about the government changes to assessment you can read a detailed report on the Department for Education web site:

Commission on assessment without levels final report 

More information on the national curriculum and how children are assessed/tested can be found on the same site, here:

National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2 

As governors we also have a major focus on Pupil Premium funding. This is the additional funding that publicly-funded schools in England receive to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils, and close the gap between them and their peers.
The school publishes information on the web site about how we spend these funds and the impact of this:

Pupil Premium 

It is our responsibility as governors to ensure that the school is spending this money in the right way to measurably improve the achievement of less-advantaged children.
We have had detailed discussions with the leadership team on this subject and we continue to focus on this area as a key priority for the school. We are confident that the school’s approach is making a positive impact, and reviewing this work in action is a priority for us when we are in school monitoring activities on a day to day basis.
Please do take a look at the information on the school web site for more details.

We are always available to parents who would like to express views on any subject. You can leave a note in our comments box in reception or talk directly to us at school.

We also encourage parents to complete the Parent View questionnaire on the Ofsted web site as this provides us with very useful feedback:



Half Term 1 2015

The Governors held their first meeting of the academic year at the end of September. At this meeting we discussed the more formal matters e.g. electing a Chair and Vice Chair for the whole Governing Body and the committees. We also look at Terms of Reference for each committee and the Standing orders.

This year we have elected the following:-

  • Chair of Governors – Christine Smith
  • Vice Chair of Governors – Kate Buttimer
  • Chair of Resources – Nicola Park
  • Vice Chair of Resources – Rev Keith Roddy
  • Chair of Pupil Related – Kate Dannatt
  • Vice Chair of Pupil Related – Kara Laing

Our new chair - Christine Smith is a Local Authority Governor. Christine has spent most of her working life in education both as a teacher and in a support role. In the latter years of her career she worked in management which has given her plenty of expertise in HR and finance. 

Christine was previously Chair of the Resources committee and has been a member of the Governing Body for nearly 4 years. She feels that being elected to the Chair is an exciting whilst at the same time a daunting experience! However she will work tirelessly to support the school in any way she can.





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